Fat Lamb – The Best Among Greek Restaurants in Longwood

“Delicious Mediterranean Food in Longwood for You”


Fat Lamb is your go-to place for delicious and wholesome Mediterranean food in Longwood, Fl. We strive to give you an exclusive and unique Mediterranean dining experience with Greek cuisine that will make you crave more. Our dedication to excellence and food quality makes us your go-to place for Gyro, sandwiches, and other dishes prepared according to health standards.

Taste, hygiene, and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of our service, and we ensure you a dining experience like you have never seen before.

Why Choose Us?

Even though the number of restaurants for Mediterranean food in Longwood continues to grow, the customers of Fat Lamb return for the taste and flavors. We bring you wholesome and tasty food choices, and we encourage you to try our signature Gyro.

Anyone who tried our menu once has come back for more. We dedicate ourselves to offering only the best meals prepared with fresh ingredients at your order.

Our signature Gyro starts with delicious meat choices topped with vegetables and sauces wrapped in flat or pita bread. The meat has a careful blend of spices and is cooked to perfection for our signature taste. You can enjoy it as a side sandwich item or the main dish for your Mediterranean platter.

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Enjoy our dishes with tasty sides and salads made from fresh farm-to-table ingredients. We handpick each leafy vegetable to ensure high-quality and cut to perfection. All the items are then tossed in lemon juice, sauces, and spices to give you a healthy and delicious salad.

Visit The Fat Lamb in Longwood and feel the magic of our food. We guarantee that you will come back for more.